Pabx Panasonic KX-TDN1232

Pabx Panasonic KX-TDN1232
Pabx Panasonic KX-TDN1232
Pabx Panasonic KX-TDN1232
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System Capacity
Maximum System Data for Panasonic KX-TDN1232
maximum system data Panasonic KX-TDN1232

Maximum Trunk - Extension Cards - Terminal Equipment for Panasonic KX-
maximum system capacity Panasonic KX-TDN1232

Option List - The following number of option list hardware can be installed
Optional list Panasonic KX-TDN1232
Basic: 640 x 320 x 115 mm
Full: 640 x 320 x 160 mm
Basic: 8.1 Kg
Full: 11.4 Kg
Features List Panasonic KX-TDN1232
Absent Message Capability
Account Code Entry
Alternate Calling – Ring / Voice
Automatic Route Selection (ARS)
Background Music (BGM)
Budget Management
Call Forwarding (All Calls / Busy / Busy, No Answer / Follow Me / to Outside Line)
Call Hold
Call Log, Incoming
Call Park
Call Pickup
Call Transfer (Screened / Unscreened)
Caller ID
Class of Service (COS)
Data Line Security
Day (Lunch / Break) Mode / Night Mode
Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Line Service
Do Not Disturb (DND)
Door Opener
Doorphone Call
T1 Line Service*
Electronic Station Lockout
Emergency Call
Executive Busy Override (CO Line / Extension)
Extension Group
eXtra Device Port (XDP)
Flexible Numbering
Full One-Touch Dialing
Handset / Headset Selection
Handset Microphone Mute
Handsfree Answerback
Handsfree Operation
Hold Recall
Host PBX Access
Hotel Application (Room Management / Timed
Reminder, Remote Wake-up Call)
Hunting Group (Circular / Termination / UCD / Automated Attendant / Voice Mail / Ring)
ISDN Capability (CLIP / COLP / CLIR / DDI / MSN)
ISDN Extension
Log-In / Log-Out
Manager Extension
Message Waiting
Music on Hold
Off-Hook Call Announcement (OHCA)
Off-Hook Monitor
One-Touch Transfer by DSS Button
Operator Call
Paging (All / External / Group)
Parallel Telephone Connection
Phantom Extension
Pickup Dialing
Quick Dialing
Redial (Automatic / Last Number / Saved Number)
Ring Group
Speed Dialing (Station / System)
Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)
System Inter Connection*
System Working Report
TIE Line Service
Timed Reminder
Toll Restriction
Toll Restriction Override by Account Code Entry
Trunk Answer From Any Station (TAFAS)
Uniform Call Distribution (UCD) with message
UCD / RING group Call Monitor
Voice Mail Integration for Digital Proprietary
Telephones (Two-Way Recording / Two-Way
Transfer / Live Call Screening)
Whisper OHCA
*KX-TD1232 only

. ..and more

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